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At the creative foundation of all of our beloved Presets lies extensive testing on thousands of unique images from around the world. We believe in investing time, energy, and heart into the development process; and we are looking for a team of talented, dedicated photographers to help in our Tribe Test Lab!  

Our exclusive team of Test Editors will receive first access to Pre-Release sets as they are being developed, some rad Tribe team swag, and a feature page on our Tribe Collective website.

To be an official Test Editor in our TRIBE LAB, you must:

  • Be a seasoned professional with a strong body of work.
  • Be able to articulate written constructive criticism, a key element in creating any progressive and current set.
  • Be able to produce Before + After examples on a regular basis and provide files to be used in our social media, websites, and newsletters.
  • Be prepared to promote the set during development and after the release.

To be considered as a Tribe Lab Test Editor, please fill out the form below and let us know why you would be a great fit for the program. 

Name *
Some of our Presets/Profiles require (Lr 7.3 or newer) Are you using the latest version of LR/ACR? *
Are you currently part of the Tribe Collective Facebook Group? *