Field Trip: Deepening Friendships in Montana with Kylie Farmer

Field Trip: Deepening Friendships in Montana with Kylie Farmer

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of Kylie FarmerAll photos were edited with the Wolf Pack Presets.


My hair danced in the wind as I looked up from the yellow grass. I inhaled the fresh, mountain air and gazed out over the ledge to see a view too beautiful to put into words. 

I had just spent over 12 hours traveling in and out of airports. I had only one destination in mind: Great Falls, Montana. I was going on the trip of a lifetime to a state that I had only seen in print.

Once I arrived at Great Falls International Airport, I was quickly greeted by some of the sweetest friends I would come to know far better by the end of my stay. Now my journey could begin.


I met Sam and Molly just two short years ago when Sam and my husband had enlisted in the United States Air Force and traveled to BMT together.

Sam’s now wife, Molly, had become my very first “military” friend. Little did I know that two years later, I would be meeting Molly in person for the first time and staying with her and Sam in their home at Malstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana. Little did they know just how much their friendship and hospitality would come to mean to me. 


My trip can be summarized into two words; mesmerizing and whirlwind.

It really was everything that I had anticipated it being. I spent my entire Saturday adventuring into Sluice Boxes State Park (with my Nikon D750 and Nikon 24-70 in hand), photographing the amazing scenery and spending time with the coolest bunch of people.  


From start to finish, my trip was nothing short of amazing. I am still in awe and plan to revisit the state, next time with my husband in hand. The view was incredible, the people were amazing, and the memories will forever be some of my favorites.