Field Trip: A family trip to Montana with Juan Jose Photography

Field Trip: A family trip to Montana with Juan Jose Photography

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of Juan Jose Photography. All photos were edited with the Summit presets.


So my wife and I went on a little trip, to Montana. We had recently seen some photos of friends visiting Glacier National Park and we knew we had to visit this state. Unfortunately, Montana was never on our radar when it came to possible places to visit. After seeing the beauty of this state, and meeting some awesome locals we photographed, I must admit that I’m ashamed of never investigating this wonderful land.

Since my wife and I were both born and raised in Texas, we don’t really come across a lot of mountains. As soon as we landed and got our rental car in Kalispell, we made a dash to the nearest mountain range (which was literally a 5 minute drive in any direction). 


We wanted to pack light but we still wanted some sick drone shots, so we brought the DJI Mavic Pro and a few extra batteries. I was also super excited to try out the new Sony A7III, which I had preordered specifically for our trip! Finally, we couldn’t leave on an adventure without our Nikon D600, can you tell we really like small equipment? Our lenses of choice were a 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm prime lenses.


One of our first stops was Glacier National Park where we spent some time outside in the snow and enjoyed the calmness of Lake McDonald. For some reason, people kept insisting that it was not a good time to visit and that not much was going on this time of year. But being introverts, we couldn’t disagree with them more. We were practically the only ones at the park.

The pier and Going To The Sun road were so cold, lonely, and majestic. Perfect for a couple who loves Novo Amor’s music playing in the car along with some cozy body warmth. The only downside was that Going To The Sun road wasn’t fully plowed, so we didn’t get the chance to drive up into the mountains. Nevertheless, we walked away with some new profile photos.  


Another fun memory in Glacier National Park is getting to shoot this loving family. Helena and Skylar were a good representation of the locals in the valley. So kind, hospitable, and loving.


Next on our adventure: we headed to Eureka and Lake Koocanusa to photograph a couple who happen to be photographers as well, Kristi and Noah!


Lake Koocanusa runs through the Canadian border and is a wonderful sight to behold. My favourite thing about this place is that the population is so low, so we could literally walk out on the streets and not worry about traffic. So much that I actually had time to shoot a 22 photo panorama on a bridge crossing the lake.


Once we finished our shoots we spent some more time getting lost in the back roads and enjoyed the amazing scenery that Montana has to offer. On the plane ride back to Austin, my wife and I were already envisioning our next trip out to this place. Thank you Montana, for being so good to us.