Home challenge: The Winners

Home challenge: The Winners

What is HOME to you? It's different for everyone -- it's much more than the structure we live in, our city or town, or the place where we grew up. We asked our Tribe members to share their HOME defined in a photograph or a series of photographs. The submissions were incredible and we loved discovering everyone's definition of what "home" is.

Here are the winners of the challenge...

Image by Monika Gauthier - Edited with Wolf Pack 05

home_challenge_tribe_collective_Monika Gauthier_TPCO-WP05_Monika_Gauthier_photography.jpg

Image by Eva Cherneff - Edited with LXC 03

evachphoto@gmail.com_Eva Cherneff_LXC 03_Kristi_Boudoir_-9817.jpg

Image by Camille Camacho - Edited with LXC 02

camillecamachophotography@gmail.com_Camille Camacho_LXC 02_tribehomechallenge_CamilleCamacho-1.jpg

Image by Meg Bridge - Edited with Flint & Steel 09

megbridgephoto@gmail.com_Megan Bridge_F&S 9_home-20.jpg

Image by Sabrina Johnson - Edited with LXC 03

sabrinajeanbell@hotmail.com_Sabrina Johnson_LXC03 and LXCN_0N8A5923.jpg

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