Summertime Challenge: the winners

We love summer and we asked our Tribe members to submit their best summer photos. We were not disappointed. There were so many cool images submitted!

Image by Elegant Illusions - Edited with Forged FXS 03

elegantillusionsphotography@live.com_Amanda Buckthorpe_Forged FXS03_DSC_4138.png

Image by Ashley Walker - Edited with LXC 04

hello@ashley-walkerphoto.com_Ashley Walker_lxc 04_cosmic_love_resize.jpg

Image by Karen Hunt - Edited witH LXC 04

karenhuntphotography@gmail.com_Karen Hunt_LXC04_62.jpg

Image by Whitney Jade - Edited with LXC 04


Image by Amanda Rose - Edited with LXC 02 


And special mention to our own admin Shawn Moreton for this delicious summer photo...

Image by Shawn Moreton - Edited with Forged FXS 05

shawn@shawnmoreton.com_Shawn Moreton_fxs 05_DSC_0924_FXS05_copy.jpg

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