Field Trip: Unveiling the beauty of New Orleans with April Mersinger

Field Trip: Unveiling the beauty of New Orleans with April Mersinger

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of April Mersinger. All photos were edited with the Summit presets.


As most people do, my husband and I love to travel. We not only love it, but we actually do it all the time. One of our favourite ways to travel is by car. We almost always rent them for our road trips and this trip to New Orleans was no different! There's something so freeing about heading to an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar car and just a being on the road with your favourite person ever.


We have two little girls but for this trip, it was just going to be us two. As much as we love traveling with our kids, it's nice to get away and feel like kids ourselves.


The ride from our place to the French Quarter in New Orleans was just over 11 hours. We took turns driving because both of us prefer to drive rather than being a passenger. Pod casts are our favorite during any car ride and are must-haves for longer ones! On the way up we mostly listened to the Joe Rogan Experience. We would flip back and forth between this and whoever was passenger would get to watch Rick and l while the other just listened haha! Thank God for both of these things because the ride flew by so quickly!


We got in close to midnight but we're used to staying up pretty late so we headed out to Bourbon street. Bourbon street is an actual real road in the French Quarter that is so busy and populated at all hours of the day and night that the police actually have to block off the road. It's lined with bars and restaurants from one end to the other. My husband and I aren't big drinkers but we love to people watch so we had a great time anyway.


Throughout the days that would follow, we bounced around all over the city visiting its most tourist-filled parts of town. We went in and out of all the adorable and artsy mom and pop shops. They were everywhere and we were in heaven!


I met a local girl named Maya on Instagram. On our second day into the trip, I threw on my awesome Tribe Archipelago T-shirt you all sent me and met up with her! She took us around to all of the awesome places only the locals know about! She let me photograph her a lot so you'll see her featured in most of my photos. We went to Magazine street, record stores, art and antique shops. It was perfect.


We also hung out with some of the local artists and musicians that play and perform on the streets. I also included some shots of them. The place where we currently live lacks a little in culture. It was so refreshing to be centered in art and music throughout our whole stay in New Orleans. We walked around until our legs hurt and our feet were blistered but never regretted it.


Neither of us had ever been to Louisiana so we had lots of new foods to try like creole, jambalaya, gumbo and the list goes on! (I can't believe it took me this long to mention the food... so amazing)!


We got up early and stayed out late trying to cram in as much as we possibly could of this gorgeous and unique city. The people were so friendly, the homes were so beautiful, everyone and everything had its own style and we loved that. We brought back awesome jewellery, handcrafted masks that were made back in the 60s and 5-10 extra pounds on each one of us.


After spending about 20 hours in New Orleans, we were positive that we needed to uproot our family and move there as soon as possible. It's been several weeks and this is still the plan. So, more shall be revealed! Thank you so much for an experience we shall never forget, Tribe Archipelago!