Field Trip: Capturing nature in North Carolina with Morgan Caddell

Field Trip: Capturing nature in North Carolina with Morgan Caddell

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of Morgan Caddell. All photos were edited with the Summit presets.


I am going to be honest. I was nervous about this trip to Blowing Rock - Boone, North Carolina. Nervous because this was my first time really concentrating on just capturing photos with no expectations and because I can't control nature as well as I can control people.

Having to face my fear of no control, we only got to go outside for less than an hour on the first day of our two-day trip. I was able to snag one photo. Good start.


I was aggravated that I wasn't fulfilling my goal, but my husband and I had a really fun day together. When I am not working weddings or editing, I am out looking for antiques and constantly redecorating my house. I think my husband knew I was a little stressed because he didn't complain once while we went in and out of antique shops. While I didn't find any antiques that I liked, I truly enjoyed spending the day with him.

This was the first trip that we have taken by ourselves since my daughter was born over two years ago and we needed it.


Day two started out about as good as day one. We woke up super early to make it to our favorite breakfast joint near Linville Falls and we found out that they closed down. I am laughing as I write this because we were so "hangry" at this point that we found the only restaurant within a forty-five minute drive (McDonald's) and ate in the car. The coffee was not the best, but we were caffeinated and full.


We have been to Linville Falls before and it is one of my favorite hikes to do. My anxiety was kicking in again because it was pushing high noon and I don't shoot much in harsh light. But, thanks again to my coffee from McDonald's, I was in a good mood and ready to run with it.

It was an absolute perfect day. No humidity and in the 60s. My favorite part of this entire trip was that my husband showed a true interest in helping me find things to photograph and in a sense, really brought us together. It was fun.


Our next stop, Wise Man's View, was a new place that we have never been and it did not disappoint. Once you get four miles away from it, the road turns to dirt and goes mostly straight up. Along the way, people were parked and camping out in tents. Once we made it to the top, we were in awe. It is a 270 degree view of the Blue Ridge Mountains as far as you can. While I love the photos I took of it, they really do not give it justice. We will for sure return to this gorgeous place in the future.


Another favorite and must have to visit for us is a place called Rough Ridge. We thought that we were going to have another set back because we found out that the state is doing work on the Blue Ridge Parkway right near Rough Ridge. But, we decided to take a chance and headed that way to grab the sunset. Luck was on our side and the construction was further down the road.

Heading up the mountain, I tried to stop and really take in what was around me.


I found this tree and I loved it so much. Just the pure detail of it made me smile.


Once we made it to the top, we just sat and watched the sun. I couldn't believe it, but there was no one else up there. It felt good to just be someplace with no one else around.


On the way back down, we stopped on the parkway and really got to see the blue floating around the mountains and hills and it may have been one of my favorite shots.


Right before the sun was completely set, we stopped again because my husband asked if I would take a photo of this fence and barn because he liked it. And, of course, I said yes! I got these printed because they were his idea.


Even with the setbacks, this was such a fun trip and I am grateful for the memories that were made. It is so hard to beat this "little" area of the world and I feel so lucky to live so close to it.

I edited my photos Summit 06.

Equipment Used: Nikon D750 and Sigma 24 Art.