Field Trip: Experiencing the stillness of Iceland with Kerlyn Van Gelder

Field Trip: Experiencing the stillness of Iceland with Kerlyn Van Gelder

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of Kerlyn Van Gelder. All photos were edited with the Wolf Pack presets.


This trip was over a year in the making. We chose Iceland as the location for our ten-year anniversary vow renewal, where we would reflect on the years passed and share our hearts with one another. It may come as no surprise that this special land will now forever hold a place in our hearts.


We are quiet people, who spend much of our time to ourselves outdoors with our little family, so it was very fitting that our time in Iceland reflected that. When we landed, we were unsurprisingly met with cloudy skies, cold wind, and wet weather. We drove around Keflavik to start off our trip, then soon made our way into Reykjavik to find a guesthouse. Once there and washed up, we explored the downtown area where the buildings were adorned with art pieces and the streets were empty.


On the second day, we made our way to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, where we enjoyed our time in the thermal hot springs, walked over the land bridge, and saw more waterfalls than I could've imagined. There was so much to see and a huge part of me felt overstimulated to all the sites, unable to fully grasp where we were. It wasn't until the end of the second day on the North side of the peninsula when the magnitude of Iceland engulfed me.


As much as I love mountains, rivers, meadows, or creeks, the ocean will forever have my heart. I left Justin on the other side of the road skipping rocks, as I crossed over the grassy dunes. I stood on the black sand, where the winds pounded against my body as I tried to stand upright. My ears became numb to the whistling sand and a slow headache started to creep in from the cold. I was a speck on this beach, not a person or car in sight, and I watched the waves crash against the shoreline. The ocean screamed out to me, showing me her incredible power.


It was at that moment that my eyes started to fill with tears and I felt it in my soul...this was living. Feeling something that I don't feel every day and remembering all the moments that I have. I ran back to the pond where Justin was, only to find him still happily skipping rocks. I wanted to tell him to go to the beach, but he looked content so I let him be. I kept this moment for myself to forever remember a small part of what life is all about... feeling just insignificant enough to appreciate the strength and beauty of this world.


After that day, the rest of our trip seemed to fall perfectly in place, it was like I needed that jolt to appreciate the stillness of Iceland. We were met with quiet place after quiet place, lucking out with the scarcity of people and seemingly perfect weather.


The night before our vow renewal, the forecast called for stormy clouds and rain, and we decided rain or shine we were going for it. The day of we woke to an overcast sky, praying it would hold if just for an hour or two. As soon as we made our way to our vow renewal spot, the clouds parted and the sun came out in all it's glory!


We made two more stops to do portraits with our photographers (Rosey Red Photography) with our last stop being at Seljlandfoss. The mist covered my skin and admittedly I didn't last long under the cold waterfall. As soon as we got back into our rental and drove off the rain began to pour! It was almost as if it had been waiting the entire time for us to finish what we came here to do.


Looking back on our photos, I am amazed by how much Iceland has to offer, from the colours to the landscape! It was an incredible experience to find adventure in the stillness of a mountain reflecting off a peaceful lake, the slow drops of water from a melting glacier, or seeing the northern lights for the first time ever on a calm night.


It was in all the quiet moments where I was able to reflect on life and love and share that with the one who has my heart.