Field Trip: A family camping trip to Texas with Lindsey Delisle Prosperie

Field Trip: A family camping trip to Texas with Lindsey Delisle Prosperie

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of Lindsey Delisle Prosperie. All photos were edited with the Summit presets.


Who doesn't love a spontaneous camping trip? My family and I sure do!

We decided to pack up our camping gear and head out to Lake Sam Rayburn. A lake tucked in the piney woods of Southeast Texas and only about an hour and a half from our house! The views on the way are amazing and of course I couldn't leave the house without taking my Nikon D750 & 50 mm lens. The rolling hills and the sun shining through the tall pines of the Angelina National Forest make for an adventurous road trip.


The first thing we did when we got there was launch our boat and take a ride on the lake as the sun was setting. Our goal was to explore the lake and it’s islands to find a swimming spot for the next day.  The blueish green water along with the islands, forests, and golden sun makes for a very scenic boat ride. After riding a few miles from our campsite, we came upon a beautiful island with a sandy bank, and clay cliffs with tall shady trees. Night was coming fast so we decided to head back to camp and get ready for the next morning.


While laying down in our tent I decided to get on Google and learn about the history of the lake. Turns out, 62 years ago, there wasn't even a lake there! You wouldn't know it but, there’s actually a submerged ghost town consisting of houses, churches and small stores under the lake. The town was named Zana and was mostly abandoned when the area was filled in with water. The construction of the 114,500 acre lake took 11 years to complete. Night had come and gone and it was time to pack up the kids and dogs and get back on the water and take another boat ride to our island.


As we pulled up to the bank everyone, especially the dogs, were so excited about all the fun we were going to have that day swimming in the cool fresh water, playing in the sand and climbing on the big red clay rocks. It’s May in Texas and that means that it’s starting to get hot… really, really hot. The fresh water of the lake is the perfect way to cool off. We loved swimming in the waves that came from passing by boats. My dogs even swam about 20 feet away from the bank to join us! The secluded island made us feel like we were on a vacation somewhere far away from Texas.


After swimming, the kids were ready to go on their own adventure and climb on the big red clay rocks since they've never been around rocks like that to climb on before. They had so much fun exploring the island and seeing all of the new sights. The lake is a great place to fish so we cleaned up all of our stuff from the island and got back on the boat to do some fishing.


A space shuttle blew up over Texas 15 years ago and scuba divers dove deep in the Lake Sam Rayburn to see if they could find any of the missing pieces. My husband happened to be there when they were searching the lake and the scuba divers told him that there were catfish under the lake as big as cars.


We didn't catch anything that big thankfully but, we did catch some perch and bass.  We ended our night with a picnic by our tent and went to sleep. We rode home the next morning. Our getaway was so peaceful and much needed. I can't wait to go camping again!