Featured Artist: Jovel Fernandes

Jovel Fernandes is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in India. His colourful photos and his fascinating portraits have caught the eyes of our team more than once.


Tribe Collective: Tell us about yourself. What is your background, and how did you get into photography?

Jovel Fernandes: I started photography straight out of college where I received my degree in Mass Communication. It was during this time I decided to take my photography to a professional level. Attention to detail, human factors, candids are some of the few things I take comfort in with my photography. And what better place to start than at a wedding? Thus, my voyage commenced with a contemporary team of wedding photographers. Currently, I consider myself a wedding and lifestyle photographer, and a traveler.

TC: Please provide us with a list of the gear you use on a regular basis:

JF: I use a Nikon D750 body with prime lenses only, a Sigma 35mm f1.4 (shot an entire wedding with this lens).


TC: What does your post-production process look like?

JF: I shoot as per the plan suitable to me for post-processing. I begin by sorting out RAW files, providing them with moody tones in Adobe Lightroom (with TRL presets since purchase) and photoshop if required.


TC: How has your photography style evolved over time?

JF: I've been following a lot of international photographers, thus working on various styles as per the comfort of my clients. My work is very minimal but impactful.


TC: What are your favourite tools for capturing, editing, and enhancing your photographs?

JF: Reflectors for outdoor photographs, then followed by Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for perfecting the image.
Furthermore, I usually use a flash with a Magmod diffuser for indoor photographs.


TC: What is your greatest piece of advice for emerging photographers?

JF: Don't be basic or random. Be unique and capture for a reason. Accept criticism with a positive attitude and improve.

TC: What type of photography do you most enjoy?

JF: Lifestyle and Portrait Photography


TC: What are you discouraged about in your work/business? What encourages you?

JF: A discouragement for me is lack of sleep. And encouragement is coffee and good music.

TC: When was a time you thought you would/had failed? How did you overcome it?

JF: By keeping my mind set, feeling calm, and having a positive attitude. This helps me to stay on target and will one day lead me into the spotlight.


TC: What defines success for you as a photographer? If you never achieve that, will you still be satisfied with what you do?

JF: Of course I will be satisfied. Photography is a field with massive progression and a boost towards technology, moving from film to digital. The future cannot be predicted; it is about learning day by day. None could say he/she knows everything about photography. With this in mind, I believe my work is satisfactory with a future scope of dealing with much bigger deals and concepts for the society to understand visual art.