Negative space: The Winners

Our Negative Space challenge was a big success. Our Tribe members really let their creativity blossom and we saw some incredible submissions.

Here are the winners...

Image by Steven Cheah - Edited with Summit 06

steve@stevencheahphotography.com_Steven Cheah_Summit 06_Steven_Cheah_Photography-Summit06.jpg

Image by Alexander Matthews - Edited with Wolf Pack 03

info@hochzeitsvideo-matthews.de_Alexander Matthews_TPCO-WP03_tribe_preset_WP_03_-_tribe_contest_negative_space.jpg

Image by Rudy Ramirez - Edited with LXC 06

gr-photography@outlook.com_Rudy Ramirez_LXC 06 + tweaks_boda_Nancy_y_Edgar-95.jpg

Image by Lorissa Lee Photography - Edited with LXC 03

hello@lorissaleephotography.com_Lorissa Emary_LXC 03_IMG_4038c.jpg

Image by Gray Photo - Edited with Forged FXS 02

nicole@grayphoto.co_Nicole Gray_Forged 2_0325forgedcr.jpg

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