Strong Women: The Winners

For Mother's day, we wanted to do something special. We asked our members to share images of the strong, amazing women in their life. We love moms and we wanted to recognize them, but we also know that someone doesn't have to be a mom to make a positive, life-changing impact on us. The response was amazing and we had so many beautiful submissions.

Here are the winners of the challenge...

Image by Samantha Adrianne Photo - Edited with Wolf Pack 07

samanthamtatiro@gmail.com_Samantha Mtatiro_wold pack  07 for the black and white image and wolfpack 05 for the colour image_unraveled_retreat-9.jpg

Image by Brianna Lane Photography - Edited with Flint & Steel 11

briannalaneellis@gmail.com_Brianna Ellis_F&S 11_IMG_9926-2.jpg

Image by Melanie Grace Photo - Edited with LXC 03 Grace_LXC3_Melanie_Grace_Photographer-01.jpg

Image by Linda Richtersz Photography - Edited with Flint & Steel 10

linda.teahouse@gmail.com_Linda Richtersz_TRL F&S 10_Tribe.jpg

Images by Shelbi Raines Photo - Edited with LXC 06 BW

Shelbiraines@gmail.com_Shelbi Renaldo _LXC 06 B+W_7E5C2155-9E0B-4399-A69D-B833F0A78A7E_mBH0.jpeg
Shelbiraines@gmail.com_Shelbi Renaldo _LXC 06 B+W_1AF9948D-92D5-46DE-A709-866A0BDEB3E5.jpeg

Be sure to check out our weekly challenge: Tribe Negative Space. Visit our Facebook group to get more information. We can't wait to see your submissions!