Field Trip: Exploring the California Coast with The Curries

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of Chris and Gill Currie aka The Curries. All photos were edited with the Wolf Pack presets.


It’s the dream trip really to explore that California coast. San Francisco, Big Sur, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and everything in between. It was pure heaven to photograph on those dusky golden hour evenings when the days were hot but it was pretty sweet and surreal to capture those rainy days too.

My dad had made us a road trip playlist, in that very sweet way that dads do, including the Albert Hammond hit ‘It never rains in Southern California’ - great tune but a tad ironic.


It was a real ‘Pineapple Express’ storm for our first 4 days there - so accurately described as an ‘airborne river’ on the panicky news channels. There’s something to be said for been forced into a do-nothing situation. I think we needed it - a real break & recoup from work (with a little light shooting). We hunkered down, watching movies on tv in our time capsule of a motel (‘Hidden Figures’ was a highlight) and paying 25c a minute on our ‘massaging bed’ (didn’t work).


You know what though? All that rain, it made those blue skies all the sweeter when they came. The first dry day was a soft, hazy morning on our way to LA - we headed to the beach and it felt postcard perfect. Those skinny palms with fingers reaching into the sky made up for it all.


Los Angeles is great, kinda strange, but like nowhere we’ve ever been. It all feels a bit like a movie, which I guess makes sense being Hollywood and all. Those beautiful pastel houses in Silverlake - where we stayed - felt the most real. It’s real weird though to walk a neighbourhood and end up on the edge of a crazy busy Highway.

When folks say you’ll drive all the time they ain’t kidding - worth it for the Tommys Hamburgers though. Or even just the sight of a local pooch getting a full cheeseburger to himself.  The Getty building is incredible, and we could have shot there all week - it feels so quintessentially LA. 


Palm Springs was also a treat - pre Coachella- so things just felt like they were warming up there. I imagine it’s madness in Summer. We avoided the Instagram door tours (weird!) but did our own cycling tour. Sunset there you feel like you’re in a music video - pink skies, palms and all those big wide, concrete structures. Andy Warhol exhibition was a highlight as was the bougainvillea.


We always travel light to shoot when we’re not working. A new place, a million possibilities, decision fatigue - can feel overwhelming when you’re shooting for your own work. So for us it’s two primes, one body.  We’ve never been real kit geeks. I’d rather work a lense to the bone, know it’s full capabilities, understand it completely so I can concentrate on subject, composition, light.

So our workhorse kit for this trip was: 5d Mark iii, Canon EF 35mm 1.4 and the Sigma Art 50mm 1.4. We also shot a bunch of film on our little Olympus Trip so we’ll see how those guys go when we finish out the film.


Thank you Tribe Photo Co for giving us the chance to explore and encouraging us all to keep those personal projects going!