Featured Artist: Samantha Nicol

Samantha Nicol is a wedding and family photographer based in North Ayrshire, Scotland. She loves photographing nature and animals in her spare time. Her beautiful photos caught our attention, and we asked her to talk a little bit about herself.


Tribe Collective: Tell us about yourself. What is your background, and how did you get into photography?

Samantha Nicol: I am totally self-taught in photography. Iv'e always taken pictures, beginning with a point and shoot camera. My husband bought me my first DSLR camera. I have my own studio and I shoot weddings and families.  On my days off, I photograph everything else!

TC: Please provide us with a list of the gear you use on a regular basis:

SN: I use a nikon D750, a D3, 70-200mm, a 24-70mm and a macro 105mm.


TC: What does your post-production process look like?

SN: I always edit my personal images with LXCN, usually LXCN 1 and LXCN 4.


TC: How has your photography style evolved over time?

SN: I've always been a perfectionist but as I keep evolving, I try to get my settings right in camera.


TC: What are your favourite tools for capturing, editing, and enhancing your photographs?

SN: I use Lightroom and Photoshop. I'm partial to a blur and dark vignette to make the focus stand out.


TC: What is your greatest piece of advice for emerging photographers?

SN: Very simple: learn how your camera works!

TC: What type of photography do you most enjoy?

SN: I love taking photos for myself and doing some personal sessions. 


TC: What are you discouraged about in your work/business? What encourages you?

SN: I don't like a super heavy workload. When people don't value photography, they buy cheap and they buy twice! They want the world for pennies! These people are not my clients.

TC: When was a time you thought you would/had failed? How did you overcome it?

SN: I take pictures everyday. But then we get caught up on "likes" on social media. I know I take images just for me and my family and they are precious. So, I don't need social media to approve my work and my photography. If i love an image, it gets put in a frame and put on my wall.

TC: What defines success for you as a photographer? If you never achieve that, will you still be satisfied with what you do?

SN: I take pictures even on my days off. I'm so fortunate to have a decent camera and the best lens I can afford. But that doesn't automatically produce the best images. I grew up with nothing. I can produce art that makes my heart sing and that makes me so proud. Iv'e grown up in Scotland which has the most stunning scenery.

My go to presets are LXCN. It captures the beauty of my home country perfectly.