Field Trip: Unraveling the treasures of Maui with Karmen Meyer

Field Trip: Unraveling the treasures of Maui with Karmen Meyer

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of Karmen Meyer. All photos were edited with the Flint and Steel presets. 


Maui. What can I say? It holds not only immense beauty and magic for our family, but it also cradles some of our most precious memories. You see, we have been visiting the Island of Maui since my eldest daughter was nine months old. And my youngest came along the very next year at only two months old!


There is just something so incredible about watching these tiny souls explore a world so different from their snowy backyard. Especially now that they are old enough to comb the beach for critters and run exhilarated from the waves. Let's just say that I am already counting down the days (and watching like a hawk for seat sales) until we can go again.


On this trip, I was especially excited for the shoots I had lined up. Two product shoots for the most lovely brands (I won't share them here for the sake of continuity, but I'll have these photos up on my blog soon enough!), as well as an engagement session and a boudoir session. WEEEE! Anyone who knows me can attest to how much I LOVE photographing abroad. The inspiration is real, friends.


We arrived late on our first night, but with the 3 hour time change, we were up bright and early. Before the sun had risen, we'd already loaded up our little rental car and headed to Kahalui.

(A little sidenote: all the bystanders at the airport will applaud if you can manage to fit two car seats, a stroller, and your luggage into a wee mustang convertible. Highly recommended! Haha!)


On this first morning, I met the sweetest couple for their engagement photos. Our trips only overlap by about 16 hours, so we planned to meet at a beach near the airport.

Our session ended up being cut a little short, but how can you even go wrong with a place like this? Give me all the beach shoots, please!


The rest of our week was spent in a cute off-the-grid house in Haiku. As it turns out, Haiku is very rainy and so freaking lush… You guys, there are literally fruits falling off the trees and don't even get me started on the tropical foliage (dreamy!).

But there are also bugs, lots of bugs. And they reside both inside and outside of the house haha. Moral of the story: You win some, you lose some.


On our 5th day, we decided to peel ourselves away from the beach. We gathered our courage, prayed that no one would get car sick, and began the long and extremely windy drive up to the top of Mount Haleakala. I'm not going to sugar coat it friends; it was a struggle. My youngest was in a post-nap hangover and it was REALLY cold.

But damn, was it ever worth it. Not sure how to describe it, maybe other-worldly? Unfortunately, due to the 'cheerful' mood of the 3-year-old, there were to be no portraits this evening. So instead I played with some double exposures. Crescent moon over a bed of fluffy clouds anyone?

We also stopped for a hike into Twin Falls, but due to the massive amounts of rain, the falls were closed! So we settled for forest exploration.


The rest of our trip was spent on the other side of the Island swimming and building sand castles by day; drinking beer and playing cards by night. For us, this is as close to perfect as we can imagine.


And last but certainly not least: the boudoir session! This beautiful human is a Maui local. After our plan to visit some waterfalls fell through, we settled for a 20-minute session on the side of a little dirt road. I am now officially convinced that there is not a bad place to shoot in Maui….. Next year, though, I'm really hoping for the waterfalls.