Field Trip: Exploring the French Alps and Italy with Marta Romero

Field Trip: Exploring the French Alps and Italy with Marta Romero

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of Marta Romero. All photos were edited with the Wolf Pack presets by Tribe Photo Co.


Everyone came up with the idea of making a trip through around the Alps. We are nature lovers and have been on multiple occasions in the mountains such as the French Pyrenees, the Julian Alps of Slovenia, Norway, Scotland etc. We are always ready to go on an adventure with our car.


We love to do this type of trip, especially in winter, since we can stop where we want and enjoy the landscapes calmly, without the crowd of tourists. In addition, we believe that the best places are not always those that appear in travel guides, the most beautiful places are discovered talking to the locals, getting lost, exploring...


Our main idea was to get closer to the area of Mont Blanc, but being the high season, the area would be full of tourists and athletes, with the risk of having little to see and do. And above all, the most spectacular point of view in the area just closed exactly on our travel days. So we decided to leave it for another occasion.


So we continued to investigate the East part of the Alps, but further east, to the area of Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Travelling to Italy is always a success: similar culture, good food, incredibly close, cheerful and friendly people.


That's when we decided to fly to Milan and get to know the northern part of Italy. There, we found a picture of the city of Innsbruck, Austria. We were fascinated! We had to see this city. So we planned the final part of the trip that would make us depart from Northern Italy and visit Austria, and return through the Dolomites, and make a small detour by the Tyrolean Alps. We certainly hit the jackpot. We loved Austria!


Innsbruck is now one of the most beautiful and interesting cities I’ve seen, and I think it was magical because of this time of year. For the people living there, Christmas is very important, and they know people come back to the city to enjoy the holidays. They go out, dance, laugh, set up delicious food stalls all decorated with lots of fir trees and lights with the incredible mountains in the background. It looks like a dream!


During the days we were in Austria, we stayed in a typical rural house. We also fell in love with the wonderful family that stayed with us. They barely spoke English but they made themselves understood and taught us their way of life. We learned how they harvest, how they collect their food and how they go through the cold winter. Although it is something that would be hard for us, they love it! They love the snow and its beautiful mountains.


The last days of the trip, we were amazed by the Dolomites as we visited the Lake Di Braies. Unfortunately, we could not see its incredible landscapes because of the snow storm. But we were able to walk on the lake! How many people can say that they have walked all over the Lago di Braies?!