Challenge: More to the story

Challenge: More to the story

Hello dear Tribe members!

We had some great stories shared during our "More to the Story" challenge last week. We were so touched by some of them that we decided to share them on the blog. We are lucky to have a community of photographers who care so much about their customers but also about their art. It is really inspiring to read those stories behind the images and get the whole story.

Carey Nash - Edited with Forged presets - FXS 07


"I just wanted to share a very special story of my cousin Chloe and her husband Mike. These two are so very special to me. These two have had a very hard time trying to start their family and getting pregnant was not the easiest of experiences for them. After realizing that they may not be able to have a baby on their own, they were so fortunate to have Mike's amazing cousin Kristine offer to be a surrogate for them and years of emotional ups and downs turned into the birth of sweet baby Kennedy."


Lindsey Baker  - Edited with Flint & Steel


"I was 27 weeks worth of pregnancy glow and due for another ultrasound. During the appointment, it appeared our baby's two major heart vessels had grown in backward.

August 4th, 2015 our Leo was born at 6lb 15oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Six days later we walked him up to the surgery floor and spent the next 6 hours bawling, praying, pleading that our boy would make it.

Today, Leo is healthy, he is smart, he is kind, soft...he is the most amazing little boy I could ever imagine being blessed with. I cannot imagine what my life would look like if things had turned out different. He is light to everyone he meets. And I am ever so thankful he is mine."


Claire Rodahaver - Edited with LXC 02


"This is Sheree. She is strong and passionate about making the beauty of cancer known. She was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, but is the most positive, joyful, sweet woman. Her outlook of the whole process is humbling. She wears a unicorn wig, calls her tumours skittles, and says she is merely dancing with cancer."


Love to the Core Photo - Edited with LXC


"On his wedding day, this groom received a letter from his future wife with adoption papers inside."


Amanda from Elegant Illusions Photography - Edited with LXC 03


"I will turn 35 in a week. I told my husband I wanted botox for my birthday because I'm struggling to accept my face & body as I age. He genuinely got angry with me. I've never seen that side of him. He told me he just couldn't understand why I would want that when I am so beautiful and have absolutely no need for it. I fell more in love with him in that moment. So today, I decided to try & see my beauty, like he does every day. I'm not perfect. That's okay."


Kylie Farmer - Edited with Wolf Pack 07


"My husband came home after an overseas deployment and all I wanted to do was document our week off together before I had to go back to work. My best friend was finally home and my world could resume spinning."


Thank you to all our members for sharing those stories.