Featured Artist: Roberto Pecino

Roberto Pecino is a wedding photographer based in the South of Spain and travelling worldwide. He's been photographing professionally since 2008 with a natural, documentary and artistic style, and he loves capturing the beauty of nature.


Tribe Collective: Can you tell us more about the inspiration or story behind these images?

Roberto Pecino: I visited this mystical place in the heart of Andalucía, Molino la Flor which is in the Province of Málaga in the sunny Andalucia. During our visit, we had three stormy days and the light was not the usual light in this part of Spain where we usually have 300 sunny days a year. The light, the atmosphere and the beautiful nature inspired me to take some moody photos.


TC: What type of gear did you use for this session?

RP: I used a Fuji Xpro2, a Fujinon 16mm 1.4, a Fujinon 23mm 1.4, a Fujinon 35mm 1.4, a Fujinon 56mm 1.4 and a Fujinon 18-55mm 2.8-4.


TC: What does your post-production process look like?

RP: All these images were edited with Wolf Pack 06 by Tribe Photo Co.

TC: How has your photography style evolved over time?

RP: I started my career as a professional photographer in 2008. Before that, I was an amateur and simply a lover of landscape and street photography. After an intense period of learning and practising as a social photographer, I opened a photo studio in my city. From 2009 to 2014, I photographed people in my studio: family, communions, kids, newborn and weddings. Wedding photography is what I like the most and where I feel comfortable, creative and inspired. Then, in 2014, I decided to focus my career on the wedding industry and I closed the studio. In 2018, I can say that I am 90%  a destination wedding photographer... the remaining 10% of my time, I do also lifestyle photography, landscape, travel, etc.


TC: What are your favourite tools for capturing, editing, and enhancing your photographs?

RP: I like to keep it very simple when it's about taking photos and editing. I prefer to focus my time on the composition and searching the perfect light.


TC: What is your greatest piece of advice for emerging photographers?

RP: Believe in yourself and share what you know.