Featured Artist: Misha Voguel

Featured Artist: Misha Voguel

Misha Voguel is a photographer specializing in children's portraits, maternity and family photography. He is a native of Bahia and currently lives in São Paulo. Through his work, he seeks to achieve a specific aesthetic in his photos while using old lenses from the 60's and particularly the Petzval lens, which was inspired by 19th century paintings and creates an effect similar to the paintings. His portraits have been published many times, especially in Vogue Italy Magazine and Lomography International.


Tribe Collective: Can you provide us with a list of the gear you used to capture these images?

Misha Voguel: I use a Canon 5DMKII, a Canon 6D, a Canon 85mm 1.2 II L, a Sony A7II, a Voigtlander 50mm 1.1, a Leica Petzval 85, a Nikon D750 and a Nikon D800.


TC: Can you give us any details pertaining to these photos? For example, the background or the inspiration behind these images.

MV: I always use nature as the background for my portraits, whether it's leaves, trees, even the ground. I am also passionate about bokeh and about texture, that's why I use lenses with a vintage aesthetic. But nature itself is a challenge and taking portraits of children is not easy: it requires tranquillity, attention but above all, you need to love what you do.


TC: What does your post-production process look like?

MV: For the post-production process, I like lighter tones, a clean texture, so I use the LR to apply the presets and then I finish with some adjustments in Photoshop, like skin retouching or finer adjustments. I edit my images with the LXC presets by Tribe Archipelago.


TC: How has your photography style evolved over time?

MV: My style was evolving but I was disappointed by a few things. I needed to have my own identity, I had to find myself and that's when I stepped out of my comfort zone. Then, I started to invest more in the production of my sessions: book different models, find new places, etc. I had to change angles, to study poses and finally, I tried various equipment that could improve what I was looking for. Photography is evolving all the time, so we always need to empower ourselves and watch what is going on in the photography business.


TC: What are your favourite tools for capturing, editing, and enhancing your photographs?

MV: I currently use a Sony A7II with a Voigtlander 50MM 1.1. I am always photographing in Raw format. I use LightRoom with an HD screen, to have a better definition of the image. I usually finish editing with Photoshop.


TC: What is your greatest piece of advice for emerging photographers?

MV: My advice would be to study and practice, but always trying to value photography like any other profession. It is hard work, it is not easy, so do not give up, but try to raise the art of photographing to the fullest and you will understand how much we seek to perpetuate the moments in the portraits. There is a lot of story behind a photo.