Field Trip: Travelling to the North American West Coast with Luis Tenza

Field Trip: Travelling to the North American West Coast with Luis Tenza

All photos from this sponsored Field Trip are courtesy of Luis TenzaAll photos were edited with the Wolf Pack Presets.


Last January, I made one of the most exciting trips I wanted to do for myself. I have always liked the idea of travelling to the West Coast of the United States and do a road trip to visit many of the places I had already seen in photographs taken by other photographers that I admire.

I really wanted to have an adventure.


My first step was to take a flight from Spain to Los Angeles where I spent the first night, then the next day, take a flight to Seattle. There, I rented a car to start the route through the northern part of the United States. The first location I wanted to visit was the Olympic National Park area in the state of Washington. Maybe it was bad luck, or maybe it's normal, but every day it rained a lot. So sometimes, it was hard to take pictures or get to the places I wanted to visit.


The first thing I saw was Vance Creek Viaduc. It was the first stop on my trip but it was raining a lot and there was a lot of fog, so I had to leave and come back the next day. In the end, the next day I managed to get there with better weather, but there were always clouds and fog. It's a pretty spectacular site, and one worth going to.


Once I saw that I wanted to go to Ruby Beach and the surrounding beaches. There are some beautiful beaches there, with many huge trunks. I have always considered it my favourite beach since I have seen it in many photos. Once I got there, I thought I was dreaming, although it did not stop raining.


The following days, I wanted to go up to Canada, and try to get to a National Park, so I went to Vancouver where I spent a couple of nights. I visited the parks of Golden Ears and Seymour, although this second part of the trip was more complicated because of all the snow.


Once I finished visiting this part, I went back to Seattle where I stayed a few days and then I went to Portland to see the city and some waterfalls.


After spending a few days in Portland, I decided to go back to California which was the next step of this fantastic adventure. It was time to head to Yosemite, where I would spend the rest of the days before returning to Spain.


I remember that just after arriving in Yosemite and passing the Tunnel View, my eyes could not believe what they were seeing. After a long road trip, I had arrived in Yosemite. It's so spectacular. How big and beautiful it is! The first thing I did as soon as I arrived was to take a detour through the Valley and see all the locations nearby.


The next day, I tried to get to Glacier Point, although at this time of the year, it is only open half way up. I walked for 2 and a half miles on a snowy trail, with an amazing view on the Valley, which was really worth it.

During the following days, I explored other roads which were also beautiful but due to winter, many of them were closed. I saw some gorgeous lakes and mountains.


Once the adventure in Yosemite was over, I returned to Los Angeles, where I caught my flight back to Spain.

For this trip, I used a Canon 6D and a Sigma 35 mm 1.4 Art. I edited all my photos with the Wolf Pack presets.