Featured Artist: Angela Ruscheinski from Photos By Blush

Featured Artist: Angela Ruscheinski from Photos By Blush

Angela is the talented photographer behind Photos By Blush. Based in Vancouver, Angela is a lifestyle and wedding photographer who travels all over the world.


The Photosynthesis Project: What gear did you use for this specific session?

ANGELA RUSCHEINSKI: All of these images were shot on my Canon 5D Mark 4 with a Sigma 35mm art lens.


TPP: Give us some details pertaining to your photo shoots: background, inspiration, interesting details or the challenges faced during the sessions.

AR: I’m always aiming for an edge of sexiness in my work. I love warm, moody images with deep but vibrant colours and I like a mix of playful and intimate.


TPP: What does your post-production process look like?

AR: LXC 04 is my go-to preset. I love the depth of it. Personal tweaks I make usually involve adding even more warmth and adjusting the contrast and shadows.


TPP: How has your photography style evolved over time?

AR: I’m always in constant competition with myself. If I feel like I have improved from where I was this time last year, I’m happy. Style-wise, I tend to shoot very up close and personal. I've definitely become more drawn to images where the focus is on details or the connection of the couple, rather than the landscape or backdrop.


TPP: What are your favourite tools for capturing, editing, and enhancing your photographs?

AR: Although I do bring along backup options, I’m incredibly simple when I shoot weddings. I find I’m rarely (if ever) changing off of my set up of two Canon 5D Mark IV bodies with a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art on one, and a Canon 135mm f/2L on the other.


TPP: What is your greatest piece of advice for emerging photographers?

AR: The one thing I think has helped me improve more than anything is remembering to slow down. I’m constantly reminding myself to stop, look around, and re-evaluate. Can I change my perspective to be more flattering? If I’m patient with the moment, what might happen naturally? My mantra... ‘slow down, be present’.



All images courtesy of Angela Ruscheinski - Photo By Blush. The images were edited with LXC by Tribe Archipelago.