Tribe Collective
Tribe Collective
The light we shed from within breathes new life into neighboring photographers. From the depths of towering forests to the expanse of jagged shorelines, a chorus of visual artists flourishes in unison.

Welcome to The Tribe Collective, a collaboration of Tribe Red Leaf / Photo Co and Archipelago, that empowers soulful, transformative work by providing real community support, photographer education, and enhanced post-production tools. To learn more about our divisions, please follow the links below. 

Our tribe is diverse but we share a singular purpose:
We’re here to see & share the light. Together, we illuminate.

Launched in 2008, Tribe Red Leaf bonds a diverse group of visual artists together through innovative photographer education, real community support, and  unique post-production tools.

Tribe Red Leaf and its post-production tools were created to support  and enhance every style of photography: portraiture, landscape, wedding, commercial, editorial, and beyond.

But with growth comes great responsibility. We believe ours is to give back a portion of our revenue to preserve and protect Canadian Parks. Tribe Red Leaf calls the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver Island) our home, fueling our commitment to restore the beautiful landscapes we capture and live within.

This is our archipelago, our tribe. A growing collective of some of the world’s finest photographers.

As a division of Red Leaf Studios, Tribe Archipelago features a collection of Lr presets created by industry leading photographers.

At Tribe Archipelago, we encourage budding and seasoned photographers to stretch beyond boundaries and craft their own unique, signature aesthetic. From well-balanced skin tones to lush landscape coloring, TA presets can enhance any photograph.

Our tribe is fiercely dedicated to helping young artists cultivate their voice by funding art programs around the globe through regular donations. By investing in the growth of our future generations, we can have a lasting impact that stretches beyond our lifetime. 

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We take the road less traveled, leading us off the beaten path to discover the intentional art of wandering.

Photographers with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore untouched terrains will find their home at Tribe Photo Co. 

As a trailblazing collective of indie photographers with an eye for next-level outdoor portraiture, TPCO provides the community support of a loyal wolf pack.

As photographers, we are masterful artists of preservation which has inspired how we give back. With each purchase of the TPCO presets, a portion of our revenue is donated to environmental causes around the world. No matter where our path may lead us, we’re there to protect the brotherhood of trees above us, the rocky shorelines before us, and the alluvial soil beneath us.